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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

100% Humidity

So, to settle the bit about humidity.

I was curious, so I went and found this out. It is actually a factor of how much water is in the air, as compared to what the air can hold. The air can hold different amounts of water - the hotter it is, the more water it can hold. So, humidity is directly linked to temperature. The same amount of water in the air at a higher temperature would mean a lower humidity.

It's measured by a special thermometer, which actually has two thermometers in it. It's the difference between the two that counts for the humidity factor.

Regardless, 84% is pretty high, considering 100% means condensation occurs (that's when the air can't hold the water anymore).

Mostly, the scale is an indicator of how much you sweat while walking about, and also how much you will fail to impress people when showing up to meet them sopping wet.


Anonymous merrick said...

and now you know...knowing is half the battle...

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Joanne said...

Summer in NYC is always pretty miserable. Guess I forgot to tell you that!

Also, the US Open is always in Queens, actually Forest Hills. We often went to see it -- and my brother comes religiously every year from Philadelphia to the tennis matches at Arthur Ashe stadium.

One last thing -- Please read you u of c e-mail, as Mark Rodriguez needs information from you and has a very good contact.

How can we get hold of you these days? Your Seattle cel phone number does not seem to work.

Thanks - Joanne

9:05 AM  

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