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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sticky City

NYC is very humid in August. Until you leave Seattle, it is hard to remember just how nice the summers are. Right now, in the evening, it is like 80 degrees F, and 84% humidity. This feels rather uncomfortable, especially down in the subway platforms. Lauren was surprised that people don't just pass out from the heat in the subway.

Today, we found out that they do, as someone lost conciousness in front of us on the MTA, with his fall (un)luckily broken by our feet. The upshot is, the boy is fine, the train started after some wrangling by the sole conductor, and most everyone didn't notice anything.

Turns out he had gotten alot of heat doing one of the billion things going on here every day, in this case attending the US Open. It in Queens this year - who knew?


Blogger Gabriel said...

Apparently the US Open is always in Queens. Hmm.

5:03 AM  

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