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Sunday, August 28, 2005

11 x 2 = 22

We've moved into a sublet in Brooklyn, NYC last night. It was a long last day - the Pennsylvania roads were bad, the New Jersey turnpike was crazy (and expensive), and the UHAUL storage location was a bit of a madhouse. (Kids, did you know that the word 'turnpike,' meaning toll road, actually comes from when they had to turn a pike, or gate, after you had paid for passage. There are still pikes at some toll booths.)

All of our stuff is now in storage in Park Slope, NYC, except for some clothes and books, and we are in our Greenpoint apartment. The zip code we are is 11222, which I think is pretty cool. It is interesting being at the start of the zip code numbers, instead of the end - in Seattle, my zip code was 98102. Few people know that social security numbers work the same way. I was born in Boston, MA, so my SSN starts with 014. Most people born on the west coast have numbers in the 500's, I think.

Anyway, Greenpoint is a very Polish neighborhood in NYC, where you are more likely to hear Polish on the street than English. There are some restaurants that it is very difficult to order from because of a language barrier, but the food is excellent.

As I explore more of the area, I'll keep on posting, and carry on for a little while longer. I may also chronicle short trips to Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia (Washington, DC - the other Washington). NYC is immense, and there are always things to talk about. But, it is great to finally be here!

The image is of Greenpoint, and is made possible by bilderbook.org.


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