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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Today My brother and I saw Calatrava´s bridge, built for the 1992 World Expo. Many buildings were constructed for this event, including the so called smart building (that turned out to be not so), and another structure that burned down before it was opened.

Incidentally, it seems that the Sevillanos take very good care of their ancient artifacts, but not so much of their newer ones. The old buildings and statues are washed daily and weekly, while the World Expo structures are aging very quickly into ruin. It is a bit odd, but it makes room for yesterday´s post.

P. S. For the record: to anyone that knows the amazing feat that Calatrava has achieved by designing a non-controversial PATH station for the site in NYC, this bridge is now the tallest structure in Sevilla, surpassing the hiralda (tower) of the cathedral. This has been the tallest point for the entirety of the city´s (very long) history. Some people are not pleased. Oops.


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