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Monday, March 19, 2007


Fact! I just re-upped my blogger post-ership in Italian. It was a difficult operation requiring the services of Babelfish to tell me about the purchasing of Blogger by "the Google." Priceless.

Anyway, I am in Venice right now, hanging out in the Adriatic rain. Lauren and I took an accidental boat ride today. We were trying to get 300 yards down the shore (with a nod to Shel, our sidewalk had ended, and we were stranded). We took the municipal service boat (ATVO), but did not get the sign right. So we ended up visiting four out of the five outlying Venetian islands on a 2 hour trip by public boat, including: Murano (glass), Burano (lace and fish), Torcello (more fish), and Lido (European tourists and casinos). Burano is by far our favorite with its stunning, but undoubtably lead-based paints. Image credit goes to the internet...


Blogger merrick said...

it looks amazing but is it stinky?

6:35 AM  
Anonymous lauren said...

i didn't think it was too stinky. but i can imagine come summertime it could get really bad.

6:03 PM  

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