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Monday, August 22, 2005


We made it through Montana last night, crossing into Wyoming for absolutely no difference in scenery. The same red-orange moon rose late to lead our way, and then the evening brought a misty haze, draping over the rolling hills.

We were tired as we pulled into Gillette, Wyoming, so we stopped to stay the night- also enabling me to send this post in the morning from a Flying J in the home of Prairie Dogs and Buffalo.

So, we have now been through WA, ID, MT, and WY. Next to SD...


Anonymous merrick said...

You are leaving the west now!!!!

11:00 AM  
Anonymous lynn said...

Did Lauren take the picture of the Prairie Dog? He's cute! Won't find him in NYC.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Jared said...

drive fast now so you can spend more time @ wall drug

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Chika said...

I have nothing funny to say. My heart is too broken by the growing distance between us. Nice prairie dog.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Jo said...

What a treat to read about your trek and look at the photos! Can't wait to see you during your Chicago stop-over.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Lauren said...

I did not take the picture of the prairie dog, Gabe found him online. You'll see a picture I took shortly, though. If Gabe and I can recover enough to relive the horror...

We did stop in Wall, but the heat overwhelmed us quickly so we left.

We were both pretty sad as we left Seattle, but after being on the road for three days I cannot wait to get to Chicago and clean up.

4:45 PM  

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